Interessante Tineidae (Echte Motten) aus der Sammlung des Landesmuseums für Kärnten in Klagenfurt (Lepidoptera).

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Gaedike, R.


Carinthia II, Volume 203/123, Issue 2, p.469-480 (2013)


Tineidae, new species, Nemapogon wieseri, first records for countries, Kirgiztan, Iran, Spain.


The material of Tineidae, collected by the second author in several excursions in different parts of Europe and Asia and stored in Kärntner Landesmuseum, was studied by the first author. As result were ascertained some first country records for Iran (Reisserita leucella (Turati, 1926); Trichophaga scandinaviella Zagulajev, 1960; T. ziniella Zagulajev, 1960), Spain (Tinea messalina Robinson, 1979) and Kirgiztan (Infurcitinea grisea Petersen, 1973; Monopis christophi, Petersen, 1957), Nemapogon wieseri is described as a new species.