New or poorly known Epermeniidae of the Afrotropis (Lepidoptera: Epermenioidea)

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Gaedike, R.


Contributions to Entomology, Volume 63, Issue 1, p.149-168 (2013)


Afrotropis; checklist; Epermeniidae; new species


One new genus (Inuncus) and nineteen new species are described: Phaulernis montuosa, P. africana, Inuncus juratae,Epermenia (Calotripis) paramalawica, E. (C.) karurucola, E. (C.) formosa, E. (C.) dallastai, E. (C.) costomaculata,E. (C.) turicola, E. (C.) hamata, E. (C.) aarviki, E. (C.) ruwenzorica, E. (C.) tenuipennella, E. (Epermenias. str.) agassizi, E. (Cataplectica) kenyacola, E. (C.) triacuta, Gnathifera punctata, Ochromolopis sagittella, O. cana.Females were described for the first time from Epermenia (Calotripis) malawica Gaedike, 2004, and E. (C.) bulbosa Gaedike, 2004. There are established new country records for seven species (Africepermenia tanzanica Gaedike,2004, Epermenia (Calotripis) criticodes Meyrick, 1913, E. (C.) conioptila Meyrick, 1921, E. (C.) meyi Gaedike,2004, E. (C.) malawica Gaedike, 2004, E. (C.) bulbosa Gaedike, 2004, E. (C.) iniquella (Wocke, 1867) [= ochrodesma Meyrick, 1913]). Recenty are known 41 species from the Afrotropical Region.