proterospastis orientalis Petersen, 1959, a species new to the lepidopterofauna of Malta, Greece and the whole of Europe (Lepidoptera: Tineidae, Tineinae)

Publication Type:

Journal Article


SHILAP Revista de lepidopterologia, Volume 39, Issue 153, p.37-38 (2011)


Lepidoptera, Tineidae, Proterospastis orientalis, new record, Malta, Greece, Europe


Proterospastis orientalis (Petersen, 1959) is here reported for the first time from Malta, Greece and the whole of Europe. In the Maltese islands, the genus Proterospastis is now represented by three species, P. merdella Zeller,1852, the recently recorded P. autochthones Walsingham, 1907, and P. orientalis Petersen, 1959.