Contributions to the knowledge of Palaearctic Tineidae

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Gaedike, R.


Nota lepidopterologica, Volume 34, Issue 2, p.137-144 (2011)


Examination of tineid specimens from the Mediterranean Region has resulted in the discovery
of two new taxa, Eudarcia (Abchagleris) jaworskii and Eudarcia (Neomeessia) alanyacola. The previously unknown female genitalia of Nemapogon somchetiella Zagulajev, 1961 and Infurcitinea vanderwolfi Gaedike, 1997 are described for the fi rst time. A study of Monopis bisonella Šumpich, 2011 revealed that this taxon is a junior synonym of Monopis burmanni, 1979. New country records are given for six species.