New and poorly known Epermeniidae from the Neotropical, Australasian, Oriental and Palaearctic Regions (Lepidoptera)

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Gaedike, R.


Beiträge zur Entomologie, Goecke & Evers, Keltern, Volume 60, Issue 1, p.57-70 (2010)


Australasia; Epermeniidae; Neotropis; new combination; new records; new species; Oriental Region; Palearctic Region


As the result of the study of Epermeniidae, which were collected in the Neotropis, Australis, Orientalis, and Palaearctics, two species (Epermenia (Calotripis) brasiliana, Gaedike & Becker, 1989, Epermenia (Cataplectica) sinica Gaedike, 1996) were new recorded in three countries, Epermenia (Cataplectica) nepalica Gaedike, 1996 was found the first time after the type, Epermenia (Epermeniola) caledonica (Gaedike, 1981) was found the first time after the type, it was possible to describe the male genitalia for the first time, and to establish a new subgeneric combination. The following taxa are described as new: Epermenia (Calotripis) boliviana sp. n., Epermenia (Calotripis) parastolidota sp. n., Epermenia (Epermeniola) davisi sp. n., Epermenia (Epermeniola) bicuspis sp. n., Epermenia (Cataplectica) pulchokicola sp. n., and Parochromolopis gielisi sp. n.