New an poorly known Palaearctic Microlepidoptera (Tineidae, Acrolepiidae, Douglasiidae, Epermeniidae).

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Gaedike, R.


Nota lepidopterologica, Volume 33, Issue 1, p.9-24 (2010)


A study of 216 specimens of Tineidae, Acrolepiidae, Douglasiidae, and Epermeniidae establishes

73 fi rst country records, three fi rst records apart from the type series, one fi rst record for Europe, and one

fi rst record for the Nearctic region. Infurcitinea iberica sp. n., Infurcitinea corsica sp. n., and Tinagma

asymmetricum sp. n. are described as new species. A lectotype is designated for Tineola macropodella

Erschoff, 1874, which is a new synonym of Pararhodobates syriacus (Lederer, 1857). Infurcitinea romanica

CapuÕe, 1966, hitherto a synonym of Infurcitinea olympica Petersen, 1958, is reinstated as a valid species.

The taxon kirghiztana Zagulajev, 2002, described in Fermocelina, is transferred to Reisserita. The author

of Reisserita zelleri is Zagulajev, 1992, not Caradja, 1920.